final project reflection

While doing this project I ran into a few difficulties. One being making my logo, I had a hard time finding an image that would work with the dimensions and it took me a while to finally find one. I also struggles a little with my menu and figuring out how to make it look nice but in the end everything came together. I enjoyed coming up with my own idea and having the ability to be creative with my project. I think this was fun and challenging and I learned a lot about coding and how to make a website that is functioning and looks nice as well. Over all i'm happy with how my project turned out.

final project

Travel Project reflection

Travel guide

Making this project was a little bit of a struggle for me. Making the logo was fun but I had a hard time finding the right picture to fit the size of the logo. I also had a hard time piecing together a neat and clear code. It took me a while to come up with the right colors to make my page look pretty and cohesive. Over all I had a fun time choosing a color scheme and picking out the overall design of my travel guide despite my challenges.

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